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Natelie Cloak

Natelie Cloak- Santee (a.k.a. Stumpfoot)

Natelie screamed in pain as her companions fought back the strange black crocodile bereft of natural colors. She looked down and saw the lower half of her right leg was missing. Shock had not quite set in, and she prayed to the aspect of nature, and touched the wound, stopping the bleeding in an instant. But the pain caught up, and Natelie passed out.
  She awoke some time later with the touch of a cool cloth on her forehead. Her father Devinn Santee leaning over and tending her. He smiled as she awoke.
  Her happiness was quickly shattered when her father looked down at her now missing lower leg. She looked down and saw her leg was gone, replace by what appeared to be stump from a tree the same diameter and size of the missing limb, its bark ragged and dark. Where her foot had been was replaced by a small root system.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Natelie dresses like any other tavern owner's wife in the area, always with a clean dress, or if returning from the outdoors, adventuring clothes. She is an average height, and strong. Her graying hair adorns her weather worn face, wise with wisdom and knowledge. Her right leg, with the stump and roots are the most remarkable part of her appearance. It rarely keeps her at bay, although she walks with an obvious limp. It causes her no pain, but the weight of it prevents and consistant gate when walking. The leg does not slow her down at all, and she has learned to use it with alarming skill to kick people who get in her way.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Natelie is the wife of Nathen Cloak and works at Golden Cloak. After an early life studying nature with the druids leading to a three years as an adventurer with the Order of Eight, her career was cut short during a battle with strange black crocodile taking her lower right leg. After it regrew as a stump of living wood, Natelie worked for the Order for several months before coming face to face with the trader and love of her life, Nathen Cloak. They would meet and court when he passed through town for the next year leading to their wedding and the two of them moving to Grayton's Lot.   She continues to serve the Order passing on information to agents of the Order when they come to the tavern.   Natelie left the life as a druid behind, becoming a mother, cook, and manager of the Golden Cloak in Grayton's Lot.   Natelie rarely finds her way into the taproom during normal business hours, embarassed by her leg. There are times when she makes her way into the room, usually helping out during busy times or delivering food to the tables.   Patrons sometime make rude comments about her leg, and many people have nicknamed her "Stumpfoot". Natelie hates this name and will normally glare at the speaker of the name. If teasing persists, Natelie has been known to loose her composure and delivers a substantial punch. In some cases she responds with a quick shape wood spell to their chair, covering it with thorns and barbs. More than once this has led to a bar fight, which always involves her pet wolverine, Hackberry coming to her side.   She continues to serve the Order passing on information to agents of the Order when they come to the tavern.


Natelie trained with druids for almost 15 years, and is an accomplished member of the circle. She is a capable spell caster and combatant if needed. She also trained with the Order of Eight and had completed her apprenticeship before working for the Order as a journeyman adventurer for the next three years.   Natelie speaks common, fey, druidic, and various goblinoid tongues to a lesser degree.


Nathen Cloak

Husband (Vital)

Towards Natelie Cloak



Natelie Cloak

Wife (Vital)

Towards Nathen Cloak



Neutral Good
Current Status
Currently works in the kitchen and front of the Golden Cloak
Current Location
Nathen Cloak (Husband)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light white skin
108 pounds
Follows aspects of nature and adventure

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