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Situated near a major crossroads, Ironholm is a landlocked town surrounded by a lush deciduous forest with conifers spread throughout. The landscape is pristine, as if maintained by a large number of caretakers, or the land is just naturally healthy. Animals can be seen scurrying about doing their normal business and the sounds of many types of birds is as common as the breeze.   The town looks like a common remote rural town save for the fact that the buildings are in excellent condition and appearance. Resembling the common town or city style buildings, set with exterior beams and supports, along with plastered walls and clay or cedar shingles, most of the buildings maintain a stylistic motif.   Considering its small population and its rural location, the general wealth of the population is substantial relative to other mining towns.  This can be seen by all the well kept buildings, both commercial and residential, along the road south of the crossroads, where the main part of the town resides. The buildings are of newer construction, or updated buildings from the recent past. In addition, most of the populace wears well maintained clothing, both clean and often stylish. Some members of the town also wear armor that is in good order. Also, there are no homeless people or beggars in Ironholm.   In the center of town is an almost unnaturally large weeping willow tree, towering 80+ feet in the air (25+ meters). It creates shade for much of the square and people often come to the center of town for mid day meal and gossip within the shade of the giant tree.   Being the only town within several miles has its advantages. Trade caravans going along both major roads often stop for the night, or for a longer rest, at the local inn, Solivin's Respite and Fare. Trade is brisk between the townsfolk and the caravans, with both sides having items to offer.   But Ironholm's main trade is stated in its name, iron. And not just iron, but ingots of quality steel are produced at the blacksmiths shop in decent quantities. Some of that steel goes into items created right in town such as knives, small swords, wheels, machinery parts, tools, scythes, axes, and even some armor and weapons. The sounds and smells of the large blacksmiths facility can be heard and smelled for miles as several people work their craft there for trade to far away lands. The iron is mined west of town in the Ironholm Mine.   Many adventurers come here to retire and work farms or contribute to the mine. It is said by some that if Ironholm were ever attacked, the people of Ironholm would be a force to be reconned with. Many of the townsfolk participate in the monthly drills put on by the constable and his deputies. Members of the community come equipped with their own gear, which is not just the sword and shield, but also the magic of a dozen varied casters. And in a pinch, the Order of Eight can call upon the local druids circle for aid.


Race by Population
  • Human: 200
  • Elf: 200
  • Dwarf: 100
  • Halfling: 15
  • Gnome: 10
  • Winged Folk: 3
  • Centaur: 5
  • Other Fey: 3
  • Other Humanoids: 4
  • Others: 10
    Class Structure by Population
  • Upper Class: 25
  • Middle Class: 375
  • Lower Class: 150
  • Blacksmiths
  • Coopers
  • Constables
  • Hospitality
  • Miners
  • Store Owners/worker
  • Farmers
  • Lumberjacks
  • Wizards/Sorcerors
  • Priests
  • Warriors
  • Rangers
  • Mercenaries
  • General Laborors


Nobody really knows how the mayor is selected. From time to time someone steps up to fill the vacancy, but it is always a member of the Order of Eight. The mayor is the final say in town.   The mayor confers on a regular basis with local influential people of the town to help make decisions. This includes members of the Order of Eight, business owners, large land owners, members of the clergy, and the upper echelon of the mine operators, as well as people in the surrounding areas.   A bulletin board is posted outside of the city hall. It is a work of amazing craftsmanship, made of wood and adorned with wrought iron hardware, and doors of glass. On the board are postings of local interest including local laws, job postings, news, public gatherings, and artwork.


The town's population consists of at least 75% of the adults being members of the militia and can be called up in very short order. Not only that, most of them are also seasoned adventurers who have not take an arrow to the knee. The city also has a few ballista that can be deployed quickly if need be, and along with the numerous spell casters and retired mercenaries, the city is safe from most disturbances.

Industry & Trade

Ironholm has a good iron ore mine producing quality iron which is processed by the smith in quantities to keep the town running on its own.   But Ironholm also generates a good deal of income as the crossroads of two major trade routes with no major towns or cities for some distance. As such the traders are happy to resupply with fresh vegetables, grain, game, and trade goods. In addition, a night stay in an inn is welcome as is a bowl of hot food prepared by someone else.   The blacksmith shop also produces many durable goods for local consumption, from wagon wheels and horse shoes to tools to cuttlery and even weapons. Extra goods are traded to the caravans for sale elsewhere.   Travelling minstrels frequent the town, including Ironholm's own Sora Rockbubble and her students. They bring in traffic from the surrounding area, and from the travellers passing through town.   The town's general store is well stocked. Just about any normal item and basic food item can be found there. In addition tools and weapons for hunting, fishing, and woodworking are plentiful.   Trade caravans can be found in the evenings several days per week where luxery or uncommon items might be found.


The town is supplied water from the nearby river. Three full time water haulers move water around town on stout carts pulled by teams of mules.   A couple of handymen work full time for the town repairing and maintaining buildings as they see fit, and charging back to the owners of the buildings for the work. This is done without consent, but no one seems to mind keeping the town in pristine condition.   The city hall is a large two story building, and can reasonably hold about half the towns population inside. It fits stylistically with the motif of the rest of the town square, and in the center of the roof sits a steeple with a large iron bell. Just outside the city hall is a large courtyard with the massive willow tree overhanging it.   To the north are the crossroads of two major roads, with one running through the middle of Ironholm.   The city is currently undertaking plans to setup a primitive sewer system.

Guilds and Factions

Order of Eight are based in Ironholm, but keep a low profile as being the Order, regardless of their vast influence within the town and surrounding region.

Natural Resources

Iron from the reopened iron ore mine, hardwood trees from the surrounding forest, gravel and small quarry stone from the mine.
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
Order of Eight

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