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Sora Rockbubble

Sora Rockbubble

gnome - Sora Rockbubble - Travelling minstrel who frequents the town - spy for the order

Born into the Rockbubble family about 40 years ago, and showing her talent as an entertainer at a young age, Sora picked up all things musical and performance as simply as someone would walk across a room. Sora found herself attracted mostly to the harp, lute, singing, dance and stage performance, but is talentented enough that she can pick up most common instruments in very short time.   But her talent does not end with being good at performance, she is charismatic and comely. She is loved everywhere she goes. At one point, she and her troop were captured by orcs and about to be killed when she suddenly started singing an orcish ballad. The troop joined in, and soon they were performing for the whole village. Add in the offering of some poisoned liquor and they were able to escape after a couple hours as the orcs were left yaking on the ground or passed out.   Bubbly in personality and friendly to all, Sora is a dream to witness on stage. Her height is quickly forgotten as her presence fills any room she walks into. And once the music plays, the fact she is a gnome is quickly forgotten.   Sora normally wears travelling garb and changes into new travelling garb for most performances. When necessary she will wear what is called for on the occasion, but she is always a sight to behold.

Mental characteristics


Sora learned the basics about performance and music from here local village and travelling troops passing through. However, when she was old enough to go to the bardic college, she left home to attend. Sora graduated with high honors in only two years, a feat that normally takes 3-4 years. She studied music, theater and stagecraft as well as languages.


Sora is one of the nine primary member of the Order of Eight. While this is not known outside of Ironholm, Sora keeps her association with the Order as distant as possible to keep her cover. As a widely regarded minstrel and performer throughout the known world, it is not known that she is a master spy for the Order. Being able to get into any court or city has its privileges.   Normally Sora returns to Ironholm but once every one to two years for the annual meeting which she frequently misses. She passes on appropriate intelligence to the Order through the spy network setup throughout the known world.

Died bright red.
40 pounds

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