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Nathen Cloak

Nathen Cloak

"Welcome to Golden Cloak. What can I get for you?" asked the propietor?   "What have you got this fine evening?" asked the merchant, fresh in from the road.   "We have some hot food, good drink, rooms if you need them, and they can take care of any animals and wagons you might have in the back."   "So, just standard fare, nothing upbeat?" questioned the traveller.   Nathan smiled his best smile and replied, "You name it we might just have it. Perhaps some nice bourbon from Silver Leaf, or wine from Rora. Maybe some roast elk with potatoes and fresh biscuits?"

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

In good physical shape from years on the road working the caravan, and all the labor involved on working an inn, Nathan stays in good shape lugging around kegs, casks, wood, bushels of food and other items. He also eats little due to a lack of time to eat. He does make sure to have three meals with his family every week at the same time.   Nathan normally wears brown canvas pants and thick leather travelers shoes, a linen shirt, and a heavy tan or brown canvas apron. His hair is combed but often gets messy as he works. Clean shaven and clean hands are a necessity, and a requirement that he has for his staff.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nathen Cloak was born in Grayton's Lot about 46 years ago. He was raised by his parents and taught how to run the inn which he inherited, and ultimately replaced with a new inn after the original burned down five years ago. He learned to run all parts of the inn: the stables, kitchen, wait tables, clean rooms, clean, cut firewood, purchase consumables and assets, rent out rooms, bounce, and run the bar.   When Nathen reached eighteen, his father gave him the option to either apprentice to a craftsman or become a trader for 5 years before returning to the inn. Being a native to Grayton's Lot and never seeing the world, Nathen set out to work for a caravan as a guard and worker, eventually apprenticing as a trader with the caravan. On one of his return trips to Grayton's Lot, Nathan met his wife to be, Natelie.   Nathan began to use his savings to buy and trade some of his own wares as part of the caravan, becoming quite successful and accumulating a fair bit of coin. Being frugal as he was, he would store his savings at Golden Cloak between travels, so highwaymen would not acquire his wealth.   At the end of five years, Nathen returned to the inn and worked to take over the inn from his father, who decided to retire to spend time fishing. It was at this time Nathan and Natelie married, with Natelie moving to Grayton's Lot to live at Golden Cloak. They had three children Franci, Dena, and Jason, all of whom now work at the inn.   Nathan learned from traders how to invest money, and began to invest his savings in various caravans and businesses throughout the city. When Golden Cloak burned down five years ago, he had the savings from his investments to buy a couple of the adjoining lots, and rebuild the inn as a large and more desirable location. Now Golden Cloak attacts wealthy merchants and sailors passing through town, as well as local business people.


Nathen had a basic education from his mother. She taught him to read, write, do basic maths, and sew and cook. From his father he learned business and how to run the inn. As a person who worked at the inn for many years, Nathen became conversational in several languages, continuing to master them as a trader.   His mentorship from patrons in investing only strengthened is natural business acumen.

Morality & Philosophy

Nathen is fairly conservative in his views. While an avid follower of the aspects of travel, trade, and merchants, Nathen does not follow any of the new fads or changes in culture, instead focusing on running the business and his own family.   As a trader, Nathen remained chaste, choosing to ignore the advances of women, prostitutes, and pleasures of the flesh.   He consistently worked consistently worked to improve his own standing through humility and fair practices at the expense of lost revenue from cheating others.   Nathen tends to drink a lot, including when working behind the bar. On more than one occasion this has led to fights with patrons including one incident that led Nathen to spend 30 days in jail for smashing a wine bottle over someone's head.


Nathen Cloak

Husband (Vital)

Towards Natelie Cloak



Natelie Cloak

Wife (Vital)

Towards Nathen Cloak



Lawful Neutral
Current Status
Managing the bar at Golden Cloak inn
Current Location
Grayton's Lot
Natelie Cloak (Wife)
Current Residence
Lives at Golden Cloak
Short black, but poorly styled and mismanaged
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Brownish/yellow white
135 lb
Follows the aspects of travel and trade and brewing

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