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The Displaced is a term used by the people of Karenth to refer to those who were forced to flee from Els'tar through Freedom's Gate to Karenth ahead of the onslaught of the Dragon Lords. Often times, it also refers to the first few direct generations of those who fled. Still other use the term to refer to all the people of Karenth as they are all direct decendants.
  The Displaced, as used as the name of the current population of Karenth, is made up of peoples from many races including humans, halflings, elves, gnomes, half-orcs, half-elves, centaurs, various fey creatures, dragon kin, winged folk, aarokokra, sea folk, and so forth. There were no tieflings who made the journey as their numbers are exceedingly rare in Els'tar.
  Even now, the term Displaced is a unifying force among the current peoples of Karenth. Sometimes used as a rallying cry, it is often used in day to day conversation within the populace.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Family names run the gamot of names of people that crossed through the gate, and there are even some new families that have formed since. Names are not unique to the Displaced, but come from all of the peoples that now inhabit the world.

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