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Cloak Family

The Cloak family migrated to Karenth with the rest of the Displaced and there were several members who went their own ways early on. The patriarch of the Cloak family took his immediate family north along with a fairly large portion of the human and halfling population. While families claimed sections of the fertile land along the way, Cloak chose a section of land near the sea. There he built a house for his family, and he would resell materials and items to people in the city. As time went on, he added on to the house, and eventually began renting out extra space to travellers. In time the house was rebuilt as a full tavern and living quarters for the family.   Even with the name of the tavern being the Golden Cloak, few realize that the Cloak refers to a family, but some store passed out of time as to the naming of the tavern.   Now, several generations since the family took over the new inn after completion, the family now has a prominent place in the community again.   The Cloak family now consists of Nathen Cloak , his wife Natelie Cloak , Jason Cloak , Dena Cloak , and Franci Cloak in addition to retired parents of Nathen.   The Cloak family ammassed a large colection of artifacts from passing travellers over the years, most of which were saved from the fire five years ago as they were being held in the second cellar, which was made of stone and came out relatively unscathed.

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