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Golden Cloak

Golden Cloak is an inn located along the dock district of Grayton's Lot. It is known as the place where the merchants, diplomats, and traders with money go. The taproom is large, and capable of seating at least one hundred people, and many more standing. The decor is well maintained and of good quality but not opulent. Two fireplaces adorn either side of the taproom with a small stage around the one farthest from the main door.   The second floor of the inn contains the living quarters for the owner, his wife and family, and it contains the common room for patrons wanting a bed. The top two floors contain a total of 20 rooms and a couple suites.   The outside of the building is a large rectangular shape with 4 floors and a basement. The walls of the first two floors are stone with wood supports, and the top two stories are made entirely of wood. Numerous chimneys can be seen from the outside. The back half of the lot contains a large wood shed and stables plus plenty of parking for five or six wagons. The streets surround the lot are all cobblestone and well maintained. The proprietor sees to the maintenance of the road around the building seeing it as a plus for his clients.   The building was constructed about ten years ago on the in place of the previous inn, which burned down after a chimney caught fire and burned through the old two story structure. With some additional investments from the merchant guild, a newer and better structure was built by the same proprietor.   Most of the patrons are travellers coming in on ships or along the roads through the city. A few of the local merchants also frequent the establishment as do some of the musicians. This provides an opportunity to meet to perspective clients or suppliers. As such, business is conducted frequently by patrons, and the owner is more than happy to allow this kind of interaction as food often a part of such negotiations.   The tavern has several people working there. The owner, Nathen Cloak, runs the establishment and the bar. His wife Natelie runs the kitchen with two cooks, Sarah and Margarite. Their son Jason runs the stables and maintains the fires and wood supply. Their two daughters, Dena and Franci, work as servers. In addition to the family and the two cooks, the inn also employs Aillianna Rora and Ketha as servers, and they have a stableboy, Rostin. During the evenings the doorman, Duriss Evenlock, can be found at the door or keeping order around the taproom.   Known for have a few options of food every day, and a particullarly good venison roast when available, patrons will not be disappointed by the selection of cheese, fruits, meats, and a wide variety of liquor available. All this being said, the prices at Golden Cloak are not cheap, but not expensive either. They keep out the undesirables with lower incomes and keep the merchants and diplomats coming back.
Alternative Names
The Cloak
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