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Grayton's Tower

Grayton's Lot is a major city in the world of Karenth. As the land where the city now sits belonged to the Grayton family, much of the surrounding area bears the family name.   The Grayton's were originally farmers, and due to the location of their farm, and the number of helpers they had, they were able to produce a large amount of food. All of this was stored in a massive grain silo built in the early days of the farm. As the city became more urban and the need for a silo disappeared, the large stone tower was purchased by a group of mages to use for a new college.   Major renevations of the structure were undertaken including a new stone facade on the exterior, which also helped with the structural integrity of the building. Several windows were installed, as well as the roof being replaced by a dome.   Several of the lots around the silo were also purchased, raized and replaced with additional building for use by the college.   As time has progressed, the tower is used more for the Mage's Guild and less for day to day instruction. One to many "accidents" leading to emergency repairs of the building have encourage classes to be held elsewhere on the grounds.

Purpose / Function

The home of the Mage's Guild.


Several levels have been built in the tower, 12 in all, including the top with the retractable dome. Each floor is a room unto itself, although recently many have been partioned into office for members of the Mage's Guild.


A new facade was placed around the entire building, and new windows were retrofitted. A full spiral staircase inside has been added, and numerous levels plus supporting superstructure have been created. The top of the tower has been added with a retractable dome to use for the observatory.

Alternative Names
Mage's Tower
Parent Location

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