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Grayton's Lot Market

Located in the northern part of the city, and separated from docks by several warehouses, sits the Grayton's Lot Market. This is a large open cobblestone area, roughly 10 acres in size. The ground is nice and well maintained. To the north, the warehouses border the market, while the south and east have several other buildings, all established merchants and businesses. To the west, the market borders open fields leading out of town. This area is meant to allow growth of the market in the future.   Throughout the year, the market houses numerous carts, stalls, and small buildings for various merchants, some of which are full time businesses, and others may only setup for a few hours at a time. Traders come from not only the sea, but along the two major roads leading into and out of town. The city does require a permit to sell items in the market, but the prices are fair. A small cart is only a gold a day and wagons are only two gold. Prices increase for large setups. A traveling troop of minstrels might pay upwards of ten due to the space for the audience, and they will probably recoup their costs quickly.   Permanent shops in the market include food and drink, ingredients and reagents, and even some farmers have relatively permanent setups. Temporary merchants include traders of just about every good imaginable including magic items, artifacts, hides, lumber, tools, crafts, services, clothing and so forth.   Normal weekdays find few open shops, while evenings and weekends to bring in larger crowds. During the weekends, music fills the air as to street performers and illusionists, all trying to pay for their next meals.   Within the market, adventurers and professional rogues can be found to do whatever jobs are needed. Some are fly by night, and other are professional exploration groups such as the Red Winged Flyers. Astute adventurers might even come across members of the Order of Eight, the Relic Chasers, Reliquaria or the Archivists, all searching for something of value to their organizations.   Other common people in the market include guards, sailers on leave, and travelers coming to check out the city.   All to often, fights break out in the market for any number of reasons. It is recommended to stay out of such incidents as the city guard is all to happy to throw someone in prison for starting a disturbance. That being said, the prisons in Grayton's Lot are not a pleasant place to spend time as they are filthy, smelly, and brutal places.   The Thieves Guild of Grayton's Lot watches over the market at all times, looking to lighten the purses of those with to much money, and pilfering a few valuable items from time to time. They do try to minimize the impact to prevent the city from coming down hard on them. A thief caught with his or her hand in the cookie jar is still subject to the appropriate punishments.

Notable Inhabitants

Merchants - selling goods from around the world
Musicians - singing and filling the air with the wonderful sounds of music
Entertainers - performing plays, juggling, and all sorts of other shows
Sailers - looking for a good time, liquor, and items to take on their next voyage
Wizards - looking for ingredients, books, and reagents
Craftspeople - bringing crafts such as pottery, basketry, clothing, weapons, armor and more to the public
Thieves Guild of Grayton's Lot - thieves
Parent Location

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