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Aillianna Rora

Lady Aillianna Rora (a.k.a. Ailli or Aurora)

Aillianna Rora is an unassuming serving girl at Golden Cloak In Grayton's Lot. Standing just over 5', the early 20s human girl is always clean, well kept, and tends to have a larger then normal collection of simple dresses. Frequent patrons often comment about her larger than normal wardrobe, as having more than 2 or 3 dresses is rare. Ailli, as she is normally referred to, simply states that she acquired her sister's and mother's dresses when they died, and that she likes to buy new ones whenever she can afford it. Ailli also carries a long knife in a sheath on her belt of pouches. Carrying a knife is common practice anywhere in Karenth so no one bats an eye at this fact. She is more than capable of making use of the knife to fight with if need be, or to use it to cut up a patron's apple if requested.   Ailli is always very personable and often playfully snarky but always polite with the guests of the tavern. She reads people like a book and can alter her personality on a whim. Rarely is she ever wrong about a person before meeting them.   In reality, Ailli does not live off the money she makes at the tavern. Being the daughter of a Roran aristocrat, a topic she does not discuss at all with anyone, provides her with everything she needs. She lives in a basement apartment a few blocks from the tavern. However the basement is part of building owned by a Roran merchant, who happens to get a stipend for its maintenance from the city of Rora. The basement apartment looks unassuming, unless the secret doors are found leading to the rest of her lair.   Within the secret portions of the apartment is a much larger wardrobe, makeup collection, wigs, and plenty of potions. This allows Ailli to take the position of anyone she wants, from a beggar to lady of high society. She also has clothes for men and other sized people. Another room, made entirely of stone, and in the second basement under her apartment, contains her vast library and research material.   A third secret area, blocked by potent magics and traps, contains the spy center for which she is the regional spymaster. Tools and gadgets are everywhere as are documents. And Ailli carries a small stone with her, that via a word in a long lost language, can cause the entire building to explode.  

Mental characteristics


Aillianna Rora is well educated as are all children in the city of Rora. Being of a high born family, she was educated even more than normal. Ailli started speaking a second language at age three and could speak four by the age of five. By the time she was 16, she was fluent in 12 different languages and well versed in 4 more. All this was done on the side as she studied all of the other normal classwork and extra curricular studies including history, math, Els'tar history, magical theory, reading and literature, writing, subterfuge, espionage, hand to hand combat, knife and sword fighting, and etiquette.


Aillianna Rora works for her father Bothe, the spymaster of Rora. She works in the Golden Cloak in Grayton's Lot as a serving girl and the central spymaster of the region. Working at Golden Cloak grants her the ability to listen into discussions from the patronage, collect information from other Rorian spies, and pass information on to couriers, all in plain sight.

Intellectual Characteristics

Alli is a master polygot. Not only does she know 16 languages, 12 of them fluently, but she is working on deciphering 2 languages of the ancient Karenthian peoples in her free time.

Current Location
Current Residence
Grayton's Lot
Blue and bright eyed
Yellow blond
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light white
100 pounds

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