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Golden Cloak Staff

The Golden Cloak is a well to do travelers and merchant inn and tavern on the dock side of Grayton's Lot run by Nathen Cloak and his wife Natelie Cloak. The inn has been within the Cloak Family for several generations, with its most recent incarnation being the largest and most successful.   It inn is run by Nathen and Natelie, but it has grown beyond a family affair with their children Jason Cloak, Dena Cloak and Franci Cloak all working there, but they have numerous additional staff including Aillianna Rora, Margarite Soleta, Sarah Katelinsky, Rostin Katelinsky, and Ketha Brognehan.  

Ketha Brognehan

Ketha Brognehan is a server, normally working the morning and lunchtime crowds, and is rarely seen after two in the afternoon. She returns home after her shift to take care of the house. She lives with her parents and three siblings.   Dressed very typically of a server in Karenth, Ketha is an average looking human about 5'5" tall and 125 pounds. She has brown hair and eyes and is in her mid twenties. Currently she is unattached, but hoping to find someone worthy while working, even if it means leaving Grayton's lot behind.   Ketha has few interests and seeks to find a husband and start a family. Realizing that might not happen, she does have a decent job and place to live and resigns herself to that station.  

Dena Cloak

Dena Cloak is the oldest of the Cloak children, almost twenty years old. She is fiery, upbeat, and outgoing with the patrons. She treats her sister Franci cooly as they are very different, with Dena loving the city, and Franci wanting to be in nature.   Dena is an average height, about 5'6" tall and about 120 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes. She is very energetic and is quick of wit. Dressing in typical fashion like other Grayton Lot servers, she is clean and well groomed.   Dena works night and weekends at the Cloak, make good tips and is well know among the frequent patrons to the inn.   Dena is well educated like her siblings, and she has shown some magical aptitude as a sorcerer. She has considered adventuring although her parents often talk her out of it. Dena is currently dating a member of the Thieves Guild of Grayton's Lot, Dryfis Tonfs.  

Franci Cloak

Franci is the youngest of the three Cloak children. At sixteen years old, Franci has dark hair, brown eyes, and a graceful demeanor.   She spent most of her youth escaping the tavern to wander the fields and forests around Grayton's Lot. She often arrived home late and was in trouble frequently for her escapades and failure to do her chores around the inn. Since then, she is more responsible, but still spends most of her free time away from the city. Her mother, Natelie has been training Franci as a druid for several years now as time permits, but fears sending her to Ironholm, to the Druid Circle, to become a full fledged druid and possibly work for the Order of Eight.   To this day it's not uncommon to find her working the taproom with a leaf, blade of grass, or twig unintentionally stuck in her hair.   Franci has a flowing grace to her, like the wind through the leaves. She moves around the tables with ease, dodging even the rowdiest of customers movements. She knows her way around the inn well, but desires to leave and wander the world as her mother once did.  

Jason Cloak

Jason is the middle of the three Cloak children at nineteen. Standing about 5'9" and 140 pounds, he has blond hair and blue eyes. He dresses in merchant's clothes, usually with a vest. Normally he can be found chopping wood, cleaning rooms, fixing things around the building, or working in the kitchen.   Jason is eager to a fault, and knows his prowess with someday fetch his desire of ownership. This is not due to being male, but he seeks to have ownership and works anywhere he is needed in the tavern. Neither of his sisters has a penchant to run the inn. Jason also has no interest in pursuing adventuring or scholarly endeavors.   He knows most of the roles, but has trouble negotiating as he is abrupt and rash to the point of being belligerent. This attitude drives his father to anger, as it does not progress the inn. Jason prefers to work the taproom, but his poor customer service skills often lead him to working other parts of the inn where his attitude prevents him from getting into trouble.  

Rostin Katelinsky

Rostin is a eleven year old boy who works the stables, and manages all of the horses, tack, wagons, and so forth that come into Golden Cloak. Jason will often help when it is busy.   Rostin has brown hair and brown eyes, is seldom if ever clean, smelling of horse. He loves his job and taking care of feeding and brushing the horses and other animals that come in. He is strong for his age and can manage decent loads considering his size.   He is courteous to the customers and tries to be on top of making sure everything is handled when needed. Rostin often sleeps in the stables on a pile of hay near the back.  

Sarah Katelinsky

Sarah is the seventeen year old sister of Rostin. She works the taproom during the busy hours, and making up rooms during the morning. She is efficient if not always polite, but direct.   Standing 5'7" tall and weighing about 130 pounds, Sarah is a typical example of a server in Grayton's lot. Clean and organized, she works long hard hours and will often sleep in the stables near her brother.   The Katelinskys have both been working at the tavern for a couple of years, and rarely return home as their father is difficult and abusive. The Cloak's allow the two of them to sleep in the kitchen during the cold times and consider the two of them as part of the family, having them join during their periodic family meals.  

Aillianna Rora aka Alli Rhodes

Aillianna Rora is a server at the Golden Cloak and goes by the name Alli Rhodes. Here real origin is not known to the staff, and she receives little attention in that regard as she is a competent server. More information can be found in her own article on Aillianna Rora.  

Margarite Soleta

Margarite is a family friend of the Cloak's who came upon hard times several years earlier when her husband died when a tree fell on him. The took her in and now she works as the primary cook of the inn. Her skill in the kitchen is legendary, and is one of the big attractions for the Golden Cloak, along with the prime location near the docks, and along two major streets.   Margarite is pushing 55 years old. She is 5'4" and about 170 pounds with gray hair and endless energy. She wears a fuller dress, now out of style, and a white apron covered in various stains from the days cooking and managing of the fires.   She is motherly to all of the young staff at the inn, and even tends to flirt with many of the patrons when she's not in the kitchen. She is beloved by just about everyone in the tavern.   Margarite does not work on Monday evenings or Tuesdays, and spends that time at the docks, or walking the parks of the city. Often she will come back from those outing with bags full of produce, meats, fresh herbs and rare ingredients from the traders at the dock.
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