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Illia Ellenora

Illia Ellenora is a wood elf of 175 years of age. She is the younger twin sister of Irish Ellenora and member of the Druid Circle of Karenth. Illia is an outgoing, joyful, playful and happy elf. Her silver hair and a height of nearly 6 ft is stands out in public places. She has grayish silver hair and normally wears travelling clothes of a travelling cloak, and either a simple loose dress or pants and tunic. Like her brother, she always carries her primary means of defense with her, an ancient gnarled staff of graying red sillish wood. Nobody really knows where she got it from as she has had it since she was a teenager and she refuses to tell the story.   Illia is an outgoing soul. She loves to be the center of attention when in public. However when she is in the wilds, she is cautious, quiet and attentive. A devote of the wild, she will protect it with her life. She is not against the cutting down of a tree for firewood, or the building of a small village. She will fight against vast destructive actions like clear cutting, killing for fun, or unnatural actions such as necromancy.   Born in the wilds near Ironholm, Illia quickly became best friends with the wilds. So attuned was she that by the time she was 10, she was beginning to case simple nature spells without training. More than once she would sneak up on her brother and entwine him in the surrounding vegetation for fun or change the dirt at his feet to a pool of mud.   As Illia and Irish were joined by the Druid Circle as a Protectorate Pair, they would adventure together. Illia was not the adventurer that Irish was, but she was very capable in battle, and an excellent spell caster. Her ability to lias with the Druid Circle, her charisma, and natural ability with people helped with her acquiring of an invitation to become a member of the Order.

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