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Protectorate Pair

The druids and rangers in Els'tar had a tradition of binding a druid and ranger together in a pact to protect, help, and befriend one another as a team. The goal was to protect the druid, and add firepower to a ranger as they traversed the world. There were times when the two would not get along, and they would both be reassigned to new companions. This was possible since the protectorate pair concept is not bound by magic but an agreement between two people.   The bond is not romantic in nature but intended to be platonic. Several instances of druids and rangers falling in love exist. And in the case of Illia Ellenora and Irish Ellenora, they are brother and sister and have a purely sibling bond. Other brother/brother, brother/sister, and sister/sister combinations exist.   When the Displaced moved to Karenth from Els'tar, there were many protectorate pairs among the populace. This allowed the tradition to continue on into the new world.   Druids are required to have rangers as part of the pact, but there are many more rangers in the world than druids. As such, rangers tend to go into the world solo or in small groups. In cases where danger is imminent, multiple pairs may team up, and might even join with addition rangers.   There is a story where 4 pairs and 15 other rangers held off an entire hord of orcs for 3 days while they waited for more adventurers to come and help. They were so successful at using the terrain to their advantage that only a pair and 5 other rangers perished during the event. The trail of orc bodies went for miles and there are estimates that the 23 nature wardens killed close to 900 orcs. Other estimates put the number much higher as some of the magics were so devestating that there were few bodies remaining.

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