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Irish Ellenora

Irish Ellenora is a wood elven ranger constable who is assigned to watch over his druidic twin sister, Illia Ellenora. He has gray hair and stands almost 6 feet tall. Well muscled, fast, dexterous, and highly intelligent, Illia is the epitome of a ranger. He is particullary gifted with the longbow, and he will never be seen without his bow or sword. As far as elves go, Irish does not stand out from the crowd. He wears relatively clean hunters clothes with a traveller's cloak most of the time and a quiver of arrows on his right side.   Born to wood elf parents almost two centuries ago, Illia was born to the wild areas near Ironholm just as the fort was starting to become a town. Since that time Ironholm as grown to be a large well established village, almost a town. Illia on the other hand has grown from an elvish boy who loved the forest to an apprentice ranger and protector of the wild, to a seasoned adventurer. Now he frequently goes out on missions for the Order to scout the wild place that have yet to be charted. In these cases he is always joined by his sister, his pet raven, Max, and sometimes with some of their apprentices.   While quiet most of the time, listening to those around him, Irish will speak up when needed. Usually he has something profound to say, or a joke that will leave his audience rolling on the floor.   As an adventurer for the Order, Illia distinguished himself, not only with his bow, but as a thoughtful strategist and solution provider. He briefly studied slight of hand and other rogueish endeavors with one of his prior party members and became a competent lockpick and trap finder. In many cases it was his quick thinking and solutions that saved the party from any number of bizzarre traps left behind in the old places of the world.   As far as other central members of the Order of Eight go, Irish and his sister both look young. They are only 175 years old, making them appear in their mid twenties. However they are some of the longest serving members of the current nine members within the central Order. Due to the fact that they are still young by elven standards, they still adventure from time to time. Most of the human, halfling and dwarven members have settled down in Ironholm to run the Order and to pursue their own interests.

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