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Druid Circle of Karenth

Tucked in the forest a few miles south of Ironholm, the ancient stone circle of the Druid Circle o Karenth was built many millenia ago by the Nethen. The stones were carved of a grey granite, weather now with age, and erroded by time, wind, and plants growing into the cracks.   When the circle was found by a group of rangers and druids shortly after the Displaced arrived in Karenth, they quickly set to work cleaning up the area. Fallen trees and overgrown vegetation were quickly cleaned up and trimmed back.   Once every year the Porcupine Moon lights up the stones while directly overhead on the summer solstice. This is the time of year with the druids throughout the known world gather to worship the moon and discuss the Aspects of the world.   The circle is maintained by the high druid, Devin Santee the hieraphants, and the apprentices of the druid circle, all of whom work with the Order of Eight in some capacity, with the high druid being a past member of the inner circle. Normally the elderly high druid can be found at the circle gardening, working on the area, or watching the stars at night.   The spokes going out from the center of the circle point to the other known druid circles of the known world. Some of the circles have not been found, but all of them are smaller than the circle of Karenth. In addition, all of the lines follow the magical ley lines of the world.

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