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Warning!!! Much of this content is game altering if known by players!

  The Nethen were an advanced group of peoples living throughout the known world, and possibly elsewhere in Karenth. They resided in small, well thought out cities on many of the continents in the known world, and excelled in research, especially in the magics of the Plane of Karenth.   The Nethen were not a particular race, but several different races that lived and worked together in a single culture. Elves did not differentiate themselves from dwarves or humans. Some of the peoples excelled at different portions of the culture but they all worked together and did not consider themselves as different peoples. The Nethen were made up of humans, elves, dwarves, halfling, orcs, and goblins. They gained assistance from various giant races and would often hire them to do heavy labor.


Major language groups and dialects

The Nethen people spoke the tongue of Nethen, although racial languages were often spoken among families. In addition, the Nethen scholars had a written language known as Nethen Ciclimancy which was a key based cypher magiced to require a special magical eyepiece type device to view the document while decoding it.

Art & Architecture

The cities of the Nethen were small, compact and well layed out. They preferred to leave the surrounding landscape intact, or to have it used for food production instead of housing.   The buildings were made of indigenous stone, wrought with magics and by hand. Building were often several stories tall allowing for multiple families to live in a single building.   Scientific and buildings dedicated to magic were often separate from the rest of the city and usually resided a couple miles outside of the city.


Beauty Ideals

The Nethens dressed in functional yet ornate clothing. The general poplace wore robes or dresses except when doing physical work at which point tunics and pants became the attire of choice. Clothing was embroidered with fancy designs and adorned with beadwork and contrasting edging.   Items of clothing from the Nethens are all but gone due to the ravages of time on the organic materials. Enchanted clothing still exists as it is protected by the magics placed upon the cloth.   The Nethen military had armor of great quality, and decorative etching was done by the choice of the soldier. Field officers would frequently wear armor made of Valinse, and this armor and their weapon of choice was usually enchanted. Even the common foot soldier might have enchanted items should their family be able to afford it.
Languages spoken

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