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Akers Fillson (Aakxrs Filsun)

The small dwarf stared at the man eye to eye, but the man was sitting down while Akers stood. Akers' face was gruff, determined, and angry. "You can't sit here, this is my table!" bellowed the small man, "Pick up your stuff and move away."   The human at the table looked up from food again. "Look, sir, there are plenty of tables and I was here first."   At that moment, the owner of the Golden Cloak stepped up and put his hand on Akers' shoulder. "Look Akers, we've had this discussion before. We don't have reserved seating and this isn't your table, it's mine. Stop disturbing the other guests or I'm going to have to ask you to leave."   Akers grumbled and scowled at the owner of inn. "One of these days, Nathan, and I'm going to go elsewhere for my spirits."   "You've been saying that for years, Akers. When?"   The dwarf withdrew in a huff.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Akers is short as a dwarf. This is something he has been teased about his whole life, and much of the cause of his bad attitude. The reason for the reduced height is genetic, although it does not affect either of his parents. He would do almost anything to permanently grow six to twelve inches, and is actively seeking a magical solution to solve this desire.   He has no discernable scars, tattoos, or piercings, but his dark hair and beard are often less then well taken care of leaving them matted or uncontrolled.   Akers enjoys nice clothes, ususally in the form of durable but clean and well kept travellers and merchant garb. When necessary he wears and black bear cloak, with the fur on the inside during the winter. During rainy times, he has a dark cloak made of oiled canvas, which bears little resemblance to canvas, and more towards a fine cloak.   In addition, Akers has a large war dog, which comes up to his nose. He rides it around town, often getting strange looks for the bizarre behavior.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Akers grew up around the iron miners of Ironholm with his mother and father both working the mine or helping in the refinery/blacksmith shop. With his parents often working, Akers would either hover in the mine messing around in the tunnels and exploring, or topside wandering the forests around the town. Akers would hang around with a couple of friends during his adventures, and without sufficient parental involvement in much of his life, Akers built a rude and bullish attitude. Like most who live in Ironholm, he was trained for some time by the Order's members, but was not good as a team member, and eventually sent off to be an informant in Grayton's Lot.   With the need to fund his own interests, Akers quickly picked up the knack of trading for a profit, leading to his eventual work as his own middle man of acquiring from caravans or docked ships and selling them to other caravans or local merchants or shops.   He frequents Golden Cloak looking for contacts, either from the Order or people he trades with. Even with his gruff demeanor and bad attitude, is a compotent and willing trader understanding the necessity of fairness, but is not afraid to make an extra gold coin when the opportunity arises.   Akers only personal life consists of the hours spent at the Inn, otherwise, he has a small apartment off the docks consisting of a bed, wardrobe, and a chest, all on the second floor loft. On the main floor, he has crates and pallets of items for trade, using the space as a small warehouse. Under some of the floor boards on the mainfloor, in the back corner of the room, Akers keeps several hundred gold worth of trade bars, coins, and gems.   Even though Akers appears as a mean dwarf, he is intelligent and observant catching conversations in the tavern and making note of news. He passes this information on to whichever Gwen agents happen to be around.   Akers always carries a shortsword and a long knife with him. He is capable in a fight, but will leave when the opportunity shows itself. He has no desire to get hurt, but was trained in Ironholm, so he can defend himself if necessary.   Interactions with Akers might come in the form of him trying to take the table from the adventurers, being found for trade, acting as a middleman for an item swap, or acting as an intermediary for the Order. Akers is rarely nice to anyone, but will be cordial enough if money is involved.
Current Status
Looking for a good deal and way to turn a profit.
Current Location
Ober bearing and dirty, Akers has good clothes but is often covered in road dirt.
Long, dark brown
150 lbs but stong and does not appear overweight
Aspects of travel and trade

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