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The Gwen

The Gwen, or the members of the Great Order of Gwen Nitegan, are an elite adventuring band commisioned by the Order of Eight as their right hand questors and the main group sent out for the hardest and most complex quests, or those quests where success is an absoulte necessity.   In reality, there are more than one group of adventurers that make up the Great Order. There are actually numerous members, enough to make up 3-4 groups when needed, although groups tend to keep the same members throughout their careers and backfill as needed. The full members of the Order of Eight also retain membership in the Order. Normally two or three groups are sent out at a time, leaving one or two in reserve for emergencies.   The Gwen, as they refer to themselves, come primarily from the ranks of the distinguished apprentices and journeymen trained directly by members of the Order, although other apprentices and journeymen are also promoted into the group. All members have been through many quests or campaigns before being distinguished and made member of the Great Order.   While the Gwen do not publicly associate themselves as members of the Order, they are famous throughout the lands for the work they have done.   Each member of the Great Order of Gwen Nitegan wears an orange silk scarf, either around their neck or an arm to show their membership. This scarf is not so important that it would not be used for practical purposes if needed, but it will be quickly replaced when possible.   All the members of the Order were previously active members in the Great Order of Gwen Nitegan.



The Gwen currently consist of 32 members plus the Order of Eight. They make up 4 parties of 8 adventures in their current configuration.


The Gwen are equiped with the best gear they can get their hands on. Many of the spoils of adventuring go back to the Gwen after approval from the Order of Eight. They frequently have fine horses, and one band rides griffons.   Many members of the Gwen possess magic items made of the Valinse. This is the same metal found in the various ruins of Karenth, and the same metal that makes the shell of the Karenthian Batteries.


The Order of Eight founded the Great Order of Gwen Nitegan about 20 years after the founding of Karenth as a way to explore more of the world. The Great Order provided the manpower and capabilities to send out an additional group to explore. As the population of Karenth grew, as did the numbers of the greater Order of Eight, the Gwens' numbers grew allowing for more capabilities and flexibility in the exploration that could be done.
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