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An ancient offshoot of Nethen .   The Aesica are one of the offshoots of the Nethen blood line and split of many millenia ago. The purpose for the split is unclear, but like many of the offshoots, this is usually and issue of philisophical difference, unlike the Eusarans.   The Aesica were not concerned about the purity of magic that the Nethen were, but still used all the magic available to them. They wanted to spend less time wandering the Plane of Karenth, and more time building community and long term cities. Little of the Aesica exists on Karenth Centralis, Continent of, and what little exists was probably brought here by the Nethen, or by visiting Aesica or Eusarans.   The Aesica are physically industinguishable from the Nethen except for their clothes are much more plain and less robes or grand dresses. They preferred simple clothes, what might now pass as travelling clothes. Their overall appearance of skin tones, hair and eyes all match the Nethen as they are from the same bloodlines.   The Aesica split off so long ago, that the Aesican language also split from the Nethen with little left of similarity between the two after thousands of years of seperation. Much of the grammer was the same, but only the prepositions and a handful of other words were the same. The two cultures could not communicate unless they knew the others language.   The Aesics turned to building monumental cities and vast complexes to better their people. Magic research waned and often lagged way behind that of the Nethen. However, the capabilities of engineering and manufacturing became the high points of their society, capable of advanced techniques and building complex machinery powered by magics and crystals.   Their cities towered an sprawled over the landscaps, built of magnificent Aesica made concrete that would not be damaged by the elements and was structurally superior to any stone other other technique known.

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