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The Eusarans were an advanced culture which occupied modern Karenth until about 1500 years ago. Their entire population disappeared quickly. It was as if they all got up and left one day. Their were no signs of battle, magical disaster, or preperations made to leave. When intact ruins are found, and they commonly are, dishes will still be on tables, wardrobes full of clothes, cloaks hung on racks, and even tools will still be leaning against the walls.   They were a splinter group of the Nethen. At one point, the Nethen population chose to relocate to another place, and did not want the members of the culture who lived on the fringe of the beliefs or lifestyles to move with them. Thus, the Nethens left leaving many members of the populace behind, that group being the Eusarans, or "those who were cut away" in the original tongue.   After splitting from the Nethens, the Eusarans flourished in the lands they now solely controlled, and they extended throughout much of the central continent. Heavily involved in agriculture and spiritual development, temples and shrines have been found throughout the explored Eusaran area and it is assumed they can be found throughout the continent. The shrines tend to be small and devoted to one aspect or another. On the other hand, the temples vary greatly in size based upon the size of the settlement where they are found.

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