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Aesican is an extremely rare form of Nethen language to the point they are almost entirely indistinguishable from one another beyond basic grammer and prepositions. The language was written and spoken by the ancient Aesica, an ancient offshoot of the late Nethen, much like the Eusarans are an offshoot of Nethen, but with a whole different history.   Aesican has never been found by any of the Displaced however, there are some books and other artifacts in the known world which have been written in Aesican.   The language consists of a basic syntax of subject, object, verb, indirect object. However due to the shifts in letters, pronunciation, lexicon, general syntax, it bears little resemblance to Nethen.   The language was only spoken by a few small groups in the Known world, and many larger groups in other parts of the Plane of Karenth. The Nethen are in fact an off shoot language of Aesican and became the dominant language as the population flourished and the Aesican people dwindled under the umbrella of the growing Nethen science movement.   Aesican is a magic language, of the old magic, prior to what is known as Nethen Magic becoming dominant. As such, the language cannot be read through any magical means short of a creation from a fluent Aesican speaker. Such devices are almost entirely missing from the Known World. Even the Nethen lost access to the language except for a few scholars that had some skill in understanding and being able to read the language.

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