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Karenth Centralis, Continent of

Karenth Centralis is the central continent of the known world. It was the first continent the Displaced were aware of as they stepped through Freedom's Gate in their escape from the Dragon Lords 400 years ago.   Karenth Centralis is the unimaginative name give by the leadership of the Displaced as they needed a name from which to call the land they were on. Nobody but the Order new the origin of the name, but it was one of the few things they were able to translate from the Nethen writings during their first visit to the plane of Karenth.   It is assumed that Karenth is the center of the world based on its name, but, while true, everywhere is the center of the plane, because of perspective. The name actually comes from the Nethen as this continent was the center of the their culture for thousands of years. Eventuallly they ruined the continent for their purposes, and left for a greener part of the world.   The continent is massive and separated by two mountain ranges. Many different terrains exist on the continent, from deserts, to plains, to deciduous forests, to mountains with alpine regions, vast rivers, and large lakes. The continent still has earthquakes a couple of active volcanos. In addition, it has an abundant supply of resources for the industrious, and mysteries and magic for the adventuresome.   Only savage humanoids, of the sentient races, still lived on Karenth Centralis when the Displaced arrived. Gobilins, orcs, gnolls, giants, trolls, and a few others have been found on the continent. Only a few large battles have occured since the Displaced arrived with the savage races. In every case, the Displaced have been victorious, but loses are always hgih.   Many varieties of plants live on the continent, and many of the them are unique to the land mass. Other are identical in every way to those found in Els'tar, and this has helped to make settling the continent possible.
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