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The Raven's Throng

A group of six adventurers from Elenoran, consisting of the adventurers Savien Listelwin a sorcerer, his wife Willowisp Frostia Listelwin also a sorcerer, the paladin of light Simbols Raystia, the cleric of light Branst Flouresan, the warrior Gandas Melasania, and the halfling rogue Desyi Lillyboggin, form The Raven's Throng adventuring party.   Formed about five years ago by Savien, Gandas, and Branst, the party added Willowisp and Desyi after meeting her during their second foray into the old city in Elenoran. Willow and Desyi had been exploring an old research lab together when they ran into the three men. A brief standoff in the dark resulted in everyone realizing they were all from Elenoran. The last member of the team, Simbols, joined the party a few months later after completing his training at the temple and asking Branst if he could accompany them in their various excursions.   The group turned the lab where they met into their outpost and base from which to launch their exploration into the old city when the building turned out to be easily defensible, and several functioning ammenities resided in the structure.   Savien and Willow fell in love shortly after meeting and were married. Their loot provided them what they needed to acquire an old tower at the edge of modern Elenoran and refurbish it as a residence.   Simbols and Branst make their residence at the Temple of Light in Elenoran. Gandas lives the the new city in a boarding house with several laborors, while Desyi lives among the few halflings in the city.   All six members spend little time in their residences within Elenoran, except as needed. The rest of the time they spend in their base or out exploring.   During the five years of exploration, the group has obtained a substantial amount of wealth, which it slowly filters into the local economy for materials and items needed to furnish the base of operations. Periodically money is spent purchasing magic items or goods from traders. However, the group maintains the need to prevent a mass influx of wealth into the populace to prevent suspisions and create competition in the exploration of the city. As such each member of the party only gets a small portion of the total loot, the rest remaining in the base, and a few caches hidden within the old city.   A few people are already a bit suspicious, but that is usually laid to rest whenever one or more of the party returns to town with a horrible injury, sickness, or curse upon them.   The group has found numerous artifacts, most of which are yet to be identified. In addition, they have found full suits of armor, weapons, tools, and many smaller token artifacts. As they continue to keep up appearances within the current city, they do not use or openly carry any of the items found within the old city except for Willowisp's Staff.


The Raven's Throng is a mutual democracy with a minimum requirement of half plus one votes for a vote, and all members present for a quorom, if possible. The group will listen to Savien when quick resolutions or leadership is needed, usually with little hesitation. He is not the true leader of the party, but acts in a de facto role as needed. He prefers to listen to the rest of the group for mutual consent.

Public Agenda

While amassing substantial wealth, they do not want to destroy the already fragile economy of Elenoran. When possible, they will pay top dollar locally, and give small amounts in charity around the city. The group does buy material goods from various vendors around the city when possible so as to spread the money around. In addition, the party pays a little extra in taxes and tithes to help out.
Founding Date
424 B.A.
Alternative Names
The Throng
Notable Members
Current Members Residing in Elenoran

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