Branst Flouresan

The wood elf cleric of light Branst Flouresan is a founding member of The Raven's Throng adventuring party. Born and living in the city of Elenoran has clouded Branst view of the world as a place of poverty, subsistance living, and hard work. More recently as a member of the Raven's Throng party, he has come into wealth, but does not flaunt or show it beyond his new clothes, and the larger than normal tithes that he annonymously donates to the temple in addition to his own normal tithe.   Branst was born to serve the light, from his last name to attitude. Branst is upbeat, optimisic, and full of life. He is always willing to help out those around him, often wandering around town healing whoever needs it, or helping out on construction projects for no pay. Branst is known around town, and people greet him readily, often giving him small tithes on the spot, which he never fails to give to the temple.   He is a wood elf of about 150 years, the oldest of the Raven's Throng party. He has black hair and brown eyes with a typical pale wood elf complexion. Standing 6'0" even and weighing 180 pounds, Branst stands out in a crowd. If his stature was not enough to provoke attention, his shiny breast plate, pauldrons, and greaves, all made of ancient valinse would attract the attention as being the finest in the city. The armor was found in the temple along with several other sets as it was being renovated many years ago. Branst always carries a two handed mace at his side and a long knife on the other.   While Branst devotes his life to the light, he finds hiding his newfound wealth to be difficult and often thinks of leaving the temple to leave the city and build a new temple elsewhere where he can show off what he has. Knowing this is not right for Elenoran, he will not proceed with such a plan. He also imagines what it would be like if he could use the money to help the local people.   When alone, Branst is often confronted with delusions of grandeur as being a mighty cleric of light, wealthy and powerful yet loved by his followers. Branst also knows that it is only a matter of time before the current high priest passes and he will be up for the position, a thought which provokes strong emotions as this would prevent him from adventuring, his only passtime in life.
Current Location
Biological Sex
Short black hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
180 pounds

Cover image: by Elena Ivashchenko


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