Desyi Lillyboggin

Desyi Lillyboggin is halfling rogue and a member of The Raven's Throng adventuring party and the Elenoran Thieves Guild and lives in the city of Elenoran.   Desyi was born to a father who was a shipwright, and a mother who gardens most of the time. Her clan originally lived outside Grayton's Lot before they were run out of town by the local guard when the king refused to pay for the ship they had built for him on commission. When he found out the cost, the king got angry and ran the whole family out of town, allowing them to collect their belongings and leave, and he kept the ship. As such, the whole Lillyboggin clan has sword revenge for the lack of payment on the ship, a sum of over 30,000 gold. Desyi to has sworn revenge, but decided early on to get the money back by stealing it from the treasury of the king.   The Lillyboggin clan fled down to Elenoran to discover the city welcomed them with open arms, and dilapidated docks. As Elenoran had no ships, shipyard, and poor docks, the Lillyboggins were allowed to settle down and open up shop. After the docks were finished after about a year of work, Desyi was born, the third of five children.   Desyi is an average height halfling of superior dexterity and wit. Known for quiet observation, Desyi enjoys life, and ale. She has shoulder length blond hair and usually wears brown pants, vest and white tunic. Like many people in Elenoran, she also wears a long knife, which is more like a short sword to her. She also carries a smaller knife for day to day use as a compromise to the size of the long knife.   As she was the middle child of the family, and her parents were always busy, Desyi would wander out to the market on her own starting at a young age. While short and fairly inconspicuous, she quickly caught the attention of the Thieves Guild for focusing stealing while "on their turf". As such, they finally caught up with her when she was a young teenager and gave her the choice, being turned over to the authorities, or working for them. When she was not at home or working with her father, the guild expected her to train and work for them. She excelled through the training, mastering stealth, lockpicking, hiding, tumbling, fighting, social graces, and sleight of hand. Currently she is a journeyman thief, but her skills are that of a master. Trying not to provoke suspicion, she does what is needed to maintain her guise as a member.   She joined the Raven's Throng as a teenager after becoming a journeyman thief when she got caught by Willowisp Frostia Listelwin trying to steel from a pouch. Strangely the two of them became fast friends from the incident and still laugh about it on occassion, especially when Desyi happens to screw up somehow. She and Willow were exploring a strange Nethen lab when they found themselves face to face with Savien Listelwin, Gandas Melasania, and Branst Flouresan after turning the corner of a hallway into a room just as the three men were turning into hallway. Weapons were drawn, and then everyone realized they were all elves, except for Desyi, and they began to talk.
Current Location
Biological Sex
Blue and wide eyed
Long blond hair
About 3 feet

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