Simbols Raystia

Simbols Raystia is a member of The Raven's Throng and a paladin of light. He is the most recent addition to the roster of the group, and was allowed to join as he was assigned to guard Gandas Melasania, and begged Gandas to allow him to join in his adventures.   Gandas in a young wood elf of 110 years. He stands 6'2" tall and weighs almost 190 pounds with blue eyes and light brown hair. Gandas is stong yet quiet most of the time. He is faithful in his duties to the order of light, and will use that power to its fullest.   Normally dressed in chainmail armor, Gandas will don his plate armor and wear a shield along with his sword when battle is near, or if needed for ceremonies. Gandas is a capable fighter, yet still very green as an adventurer. He is growing quickly in the regard as the Raven's Throng goes out adventuring frequently, and more often then not come accross some challenge or beast leading up to a fight or a puzzle to solve.   Gandas was born in Elenoran, but both of his parents were lost at sea leaving him the only orphan among the Raven's Throng. He was taken in by the temple of light where he grew in reverance for the aspect of light, goodness, and healing.   Like Branst Flouresan's armor, Simbol's is also made of valinse, and received it the day he was ordained as a paladin of the order. It is a set highly polished breast plate, pauldrond, greaves, and bracers. His chainmail is just a normal suit of chainmail that was also found in the armory of the temple, but it is made of steel and quite heavy.

Cover image: by Elena Ivashchenko


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