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Rora Royal Family

The Rora royal family is the ruling family of the Rora, Continent of, Rora, City of and the Rora Castle. Known members of the family include: Aillianna Rora, Bothe Rora, Estelle Rora, Gabriel Rora, and Toran Rora.   The Rora family has ruled Rora since shortly after the arrival of the Displaced into the known world. After their hasty trip to another continent early on, the family took control and began to build their empire, the only empire which can stand up the Order of Eight.   While the family has only been in charge for a period just shy of 450 years, their power is known, at least in the shadows, throughout the known world. The Order only recently found out about Rora's existance, and still questions its exact location. However Rora does openly trade at the port in Grayton's Lot.   The family is trained from birth to be just, rule fairly, and try to build the best country in the world. They do not tolerate members of the family straying from the path, and those who do are often forced to join front line military units and are rarely seen again.   They will continue to rule the country of Rora until which point the figure out how to implement a more representative form of government.

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