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Krystalism is the primariy religion of the Risklin. It is the practice which encompasses all of everyday life for the risklin people, the cities, and activities of the risklin throughout the Nevisent Wastes. The primary holy city is Iineston located adjacent to the Nevisent Wastes Oasis.   Krystalism starts with the creation ceremony, the risklin tuning ritual where the new risklin are created. The ceremony is administered by the crystal tuners. This ceremony is performed at regular intervals throughout the year or as needed. There are normally 2-3 risklin created each week within the city, and another 1 to 2 per month in other parts of the wastes.   Krystalism teaches the risklin the importance of working as a whole for the betterment of everyone. The religion is embeded at birth through the crystals and cannot be easily broken. Even the crystal tuners do not know what is necessary to cause the loss of access to the religion.   The risklin believe in the crystals. They are protected, used, and consumed as needed, and always with the greatest of reverence and often with revelry. The religion is not solumn, with celebrations being joyous occasions, lively harmonic music, dancing, and plenty of magical displays.   The risklin pass on the findings of the city to the outer populations of risklin. From time to time, crystal tuners will go out to the populations with a small congregation for protection, to provide information to the groups spread throught the wastes.   With the religious ceremonies, the risklin are able to tap into the crystals and learn new spells and powers when they need to, and if the appropriate crystal can be found.
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