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The risklin are a race of humanoids bred from crystals which in turn grants them sentience. They also have their own culture and lifestyle among the wasteland.   They appear as bipedal beings varying in height from a couple feet tall to over 9 feet (3 meters) tall. Their primary body is compossed of the surrounding sands, hardened by the risklin tuning ritual. The skin takes on a color of any of the natural sands they are composed of, but normally monochromatic. Their eyes are made of Wasted Crystal of colors used in the original ritual. The eyes can be the same color or different colors, as can the teeth, nails, and ears of risklin.   The size of the risklin vary greatly due to the variance of moving magics in the area at the time of the ritual. In addition, the quality of the crystals is also influential.   The risklin are natural magic wielders. All risklin are capable of casting at least a couple of spells, and capable of learning or acquiring others over time. The power of the spells is usually determined by the quality of the crystals that make up the risklin, but those same crystals can be purified over time as the risklin becomes more in tune with the wastelands.   Risklin are "born" fully grown, but not mature. It takes time to train them in the way of the risklin people, so they are taken under the wings of other risklin who teach them how to live and become part of society.   Those risklin who become very pure of crystal become crystal tuner, a member of the culture capable of making other risklin, healing existing risklin, teaching magic and life, and generally the wise people of the culture. They are highly regulated, and their secrets closely guarded.   The ritual is intricate and completed by the crystal tuners. Wasteland race bred from the gems and crystals.

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