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Corso Fonery

Wizard, halfling - Corso Fonery - Operates mine but rarely works it   Born well over 50 years ago, Corso was born in Ironholm and began studying magic early on when it was discovered that he was unnaturally gifted in the ability to use the arcane arts without training. He began apprenticing with the Order of Eight when he was 10 and left to study magic at Grayton's Tower at the age of 13.   Corso excelled quickly through the ranks, and by the time he was 17, he was granted the title of journeyman. In the summer of his 23rd year, and a member of the The Gwen, Corso was singled out by the master wizards in Grayton's Lot and given the tile of master, something that most wizards never obtain, or if they do, late in their life.   Corso's extensive adventuring career, high intelligence, and natural gifts in magic all played a part in his early admission in the Circle of Masters with Grayton's tower. But he is also skilled at languages, research, and the creation of magic items.   During his lengthy career as an adventurer has acquired a number of fascinating objects, documents, and wealth.   Corso can frequently be noted by being one of the shortest people in a room, and the one hold his prized magical staff, which towers over him with its 6 foot length of padauk attracting the attention of any craftman or lover of wooden objects. The staff grants Corso the ability to casst spells with a maximum effect by channeling large amounts of stored magic into the spell.   Not considering the staff, Corso is a fairly normal looking halfing, complete with bare feet. Normall he wears simple breeches, loose fitting shirt, a full black cloak, and a few large bags pouches on his waist.   The halfling does not flaunt his power, making many opponents underestimate him. In addition, he normally will not use his magic unless needed. More than one bar room brawl has ended with someone getting clocked upside the head by a masterful swing of his walking staff. In a few cases, those same targets have disappeared only to turn up several miles from town laying on the ground with a bloodied face.   Mild mannered and thoughtful, Corso seeks the best in those around him. He is a natural leader, and puts those duties to work running the Ironholm Mine. He inherited the mine from the previous owner, master wizard, member of the Order of Eight, and his early mentor, Sergias Divin.   For the last ten years Corso has spent most of his time in research in Ironholm, and particullary studying the Karenthian Batteries residing in the mine. As he spend so much of his time in the chamber with the battery, whether studying the battery or other part of the arcane world, Corso still looks like he is in his mid fourties.

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