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Town Hall of Ironholm

The Town Hall of Ironholm is the home of the town of Ironholm, but it is also the home and headquarters of the Order of Eight. It is a large three story building, the only one in the town, with the top floor and the second level of the cellars dedicated to the business of the Order.   With five floors in total, there is plenty of room for the city to do its business and for the Order to have a local presence. The main floor is a large open great room with benches and tables available, and enough room to sit most of the town. In addition, day to day business is often conducted on the main floor with officials setting up tables to use as desks for the day.   The second floor are offices for officials and records for the city. Since business is only conducted once or twice a week, this area is usually very quiet.   The top floor is used by the Order. Again, there are usually a couple of people working here daily, but otherwise it is very quiet.   The first cellar level is used for tools, food storage, wine and spirits to be stored, and wood storage.   The second cellar level is used for the darker business of the Order. There are cells, rooms for interrogation, areas where weapons and equipment are stored, planning rooms, and a secret door leads to a long mine shaft all the way to the Mine of Ironholm. There is a diagonal shaft off the main shaft. This was an due to an accidental miscalculation of where the mine was when the shaft was dug, so there is an empty shaft that just stops. It is often used for training of how to fight in caves and dungeons.   In addition, most of the work of the spying organizations within the Order are discussed in the cellar. Spells are cast on these areas to prevent scrying and other spying devices from working. In addition, training is often done here, and various spies also drop information off in the cellars.   The cellars are accessed by stairs, but there is a simple weighted freight elevator that is used for heavy cargo.   The building is well maintained, kept clean, and the main room can be used by the public upon request.
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