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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about the headquarters of an organization in your world.
A total of 322 entries

SC2020 – The lesser city

The Great Zelakian Conservatory

Benevolent Artisan's Guild

The Boddington-Torrance Monastery

Roaneida Academy of Magical Study

The Merchant Guilds Grand Counting House

Taelhand Mage Consortium Campus

headquarters of the phantom division

The Grey Valen Headquarters

The Gorgon Society Headquarters

The Forge- Home of the Scarlet Knights

Court of the Green Knights

The Dissonant Solace of Lestanthir

The Forest Shrine of Ekalwyn

The Mender's Guild Complex

Justice Inc Grand Hall of Justice & Reality Show Studio

Temple of Kord, Legacy of Courage

Aewyns Cultural Heritage Preservation

The Pagloan Inter Island Guard PEN - The Piigpen or The Sty

Die Akademie für Magie in Brandona

Headquarters of the Magic Council of Ea

Mergewater Smuggler's Tunnels

Cathedral of the hundred saints.

The Wandering Toad tavern

Shaca Investigative Force HQ

The Tower of the Forbidden Souls

Baron Furkza's Museum of Mysteries

Déli királyság Kalandorainak céhháza

Castillo del Corazón Carmesí

Kiniswell University for Magick and Medicine

Ordenshaus des Schildes in Kriegeroase

The Crypt of the Bloodstained Seekers

The Temple of the Paragons of Zelemir

Castle Benevolenza/Fortress Sincerita Chirugeon's GP Headquarters

Iron Hills Restoration Project Headquarters

The Lair of The Last Spider Queen

The Beacon of The Triad Bay

The Great Pavilion of the Joint Consortiums

The Underground at the Broken Oar Tavern [WASC2020]

Headquarters of The Iron Blossom

Megamisama Drydock Complex Plaza, Number 3

Vika Arwoyi: Harmony's Bane

Grand Cathedral of the Eternal Flame

Headquarters of the Antikathonum

Ogschuun: The Island of Progress

Ministerium für Staatssicherheit

Great Library at Winterborn

The Zakido spy headquarters

Executioner's Guild Headquarters in Braedon

Shar'Ira Salha - The Hall Of Ghosts

Prompt 22: Hunter's Guild Headquarters

Cada Cratal Academy of Spellwriting