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Magical Radiation Poisoning

The Nethen invested large amounts of time and resources to the development of various capacitors of magical energy during their time in what is now known as the known world. As they developed larger and larger batteries and capacitors like the Karenthian Batteries, side effects from these power sources started to become apparent. The batteries would leak magic, which with prolonged exposure, led to a type of poisoning of the body, usually in the forms of burns, skin cancer, glowing skin, or other dermitological annomylies.   Strangely magical radiation poisoning is not fatal in most cases, but can lead to serious scaring and disfiguration of the skin. This is often reversed near the batteries after it has healed and the slowing of aging from the batteries begins.   Magical means of curing the poisoning have been ineffective, but aloe and the oasis vines have both had good effects on damage caused my the radiation poisoning.


Recently treatment for magical radiation poisoning was discovered. Blankets made from the Oasis Vines used on patients with the condition were found to have a massive reversing effect on the surface of the body. It would reverse many of the maladies within a few days, turning all the skin back to normal. It has even had effects on other dermatological issues like sun burn.   A potion made from the cambium of the vine, the area just below the outer skin, was found to reverse internal issues that sometimes existed from prolonged exposure. The Order of Eight has stockpiled quite a large amount of both the potion and blankets within the town of Ironholm as magical radiation poisoning within the mine is becoming more common.


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