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Karenthian Batteries

Throughout Karenth, ruins of old civilizations are scattered among the landscape. Most of the peoples that once populated the known world are gone now, leaving behind strange wonders, some of which still function. The first of these to be found was in Ironholm before the town was founded. The Order of Eight, while exploring the surrounding landscape, came across this site while camping one night. A bright burst of purple light shot up from the ground through a large man made hole. After further exploration they found the source of the beam, a large, almost spherical metal orb 5 meters (about 15 feet) tall. with numerous matching ornate legs On various parts of the surface of the orb were amorphous shapes cut into the metal and eminating the same purple glow. The metal which makes up the orb is unknown and a few other items made of this metal have been found, including a set of plate armor and sword on a skeleton half buried in the same room as the battery.   The Order has almost consistently spent the last 420 plus years studying the orb. Due to a lack of information on the object, and nothing like it known in Els'tar, the Order has spent a great deal of resources unravelling the workings of the sphere. They have discovered that being around the battery for long periods of time slows the aging of the individual to a crawl. While this is great for longevity of the individual, it prevents the person from being away from the orb lest they age normally. In addition, they have found, through careful experimentation, and a few not so careful experiments, that the orb will periodically recharge magical items to full.   But the main power of the orb still eludes the Order, several times a year the device will fire off massive 30 second bursts of energy straight up. One of their working hypothesis is that, based on the location of this battery, and 2 others, which were not functioning, found near Freedom's Gate have something to do with the loss and reemergence of magic in Els'tar.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The orb is a capacitor storing magical energy. Periodically it has to discharge most of its stores and gives off a large beam of light.
Current Location
Extremely rare, this battery is the only one of its kind that has been found and is still functioning. There are probably others yet to be discovered.
5 meters in diameter (15 feet)
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Made of an unknown metal, no other parts of the batteries have been seen. Buried within the orb are numerous gems and mineral crystals.

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