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Freedom's Gate

Freedom's Gate is a magical portal extending from the plane of Karenth to the planet of Els'tar in the Els'tar Sphere. It is a puzzle based gate requiring the possession of the Scroll of Baranth's Gate or one of its copies. The original creators of the gate, the Nethen, called the gate Baranth's Gate, presumably after the scientist/scholar/mage Baranth, or there might have been a city nearby called Baranth. No one knows for sure.   The gate is massive in size able to move 5 or more wagons abreast through it at once. In addition to being more than 20 meters across, it is over 20 meters high.   Currently the only people in the known world to possess copies of the scrolls are a few of the members of the Order of Eight.   They have made the people of Karenth believe that the gate closed behind them when they came to Karenth, and that no one knows how to open it. However, members of the Order do periodically travel to Els'tar and back, but they always bring a contingent of followers along to scour the surrounding landscape and make sure no one is watching when the open the gate from either side.

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