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Oasis Vines

In the city of Oasis on the Edge there lives a strange ribosome under the ground. It absorbs heat from the sun and water from the natural spring. Every 5-10 years it awakens and rapidly sends out huge tentacle like vines that will grasp ahold of objects and crush them if they are not dealt with. They can grow at the rate of 3-5 feet per hour and get to be 3 feet in diameter when they are about 20 feet long. They will continue to grow to be several hundred feet long before stopping. They remain for a couple of months at that length before dying back to return several years later in another spot.
  Recently it was discovered that peeling the vines and drying them would allow the coating to be used for blankets to treat burns or magical radiation poisoning.
  People in the city now carry machetes most of the time to deal with the vines as they never know when they will spring up again. People have learned that heavy stones placed on the spots of previous growth with stop them from reemerging at that point. The city has worked vigilintly to control the growth to one area near the oasis where they can be harvested when ready.
  The blankets of oasis vine are then sent throughout the world to be used by the priest and physicians as needed. This has become a valuable trade good for the city.

Basic Information


The vines come from a ribosome under the oasis. It is the only known place where this plant exists. It is unintelligent, and poses no threat to people assuming they are not asleep and get wrapped up by the tentacles.   The inside of the skin of the plant is wet and slimy and preserves well on the skin when dried in the sun. Thus they can be easily shipped and the skin moistened lightly prior to use as a medicinal blanket.

Genetics and Reproduction


Ecology and Habitats

Scientific Name
sevinus terrificin
Geographic Distribution

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