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Control of Magic to Els'tar

Els'tar is planet within a solar system contained within a giant sphere built by the gods. It was meant to be a place on the Prime Material Plane where the creations of the gods could be left in peace from the greater cosmos.   In order for the gods to grant magic to the planets and beings of the solar system, they opened a gate back to the plane of Karenth, a vast location elsewhere on the Prime Material Plane rich with magic. The gate they opened was intended to be a one way portal to transfer magic. To make this possible, they created what is now known as Freedom's Gate and a series of power sources known as the Karenthian Batteries to channel the energy through the gate.   During the War of Dragons and Gods, a battle between a god and dragon led to the distruction of the Reflector of Energies. This caused the sudden loss of magic to Els'tar, and the near collapse of the entire civilization.   When magic collapsed in Els'tar, everything magical ceased functioning unless it contained stored charges. So items like magical sword would cease to function, but a wand with charges would still work. Some magic was stored in gems in Els'tar, which could be used by industrious wizards.   Items that required magic to stay together fell apart. However, the Trade Stream still function as it was powered by objects similar to the Karenthian Batteries stored locally. The only other magical area not affected was the Library of Callia which went into a lockdown mode letting no one in.   Now, hundreds of years later, the Cult of Sbjorbin Glasscarver has rebuilt the reflector from is original pieces under the guidance of Sbjorbin Glasscarver. Only a few of the Karenthian Batteries still function, and as a result, only Els'tar and Las'tar have regained magic within the solar system where they exist. Karenth is still full of magical energies and more than capable of powering other realms.   Els'tar and its sister planet Las'tar existed peacefully, and traded with one another for many years.

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