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Nethen Council

The Nethen Council is the ruling body of the Nethen people. It consists of members of the society deemed wise, knowledgeable, and of good morale standing within Nethen ranks. Currently the council consists of 57 members who are overseen by 10 members considered senior. They help organize and mange the council as a whole.   The council is responsible for all high level decissions which affect the Nethen populace, or a good majority of it. This includes questions around defense, large scale infrastructure or spending, laws, and major punishments.   In addition, the council spends much of its time in research relevant to the populace, looking to improve technologies and advance society.   The council is highly respected, and in cases where the council has failed the populace, the population can vote some or all members from the council with a no confidence vote. This has happened on occasion, and there have also been times when the council has voted out members for conduct unbecoming, or for major crimes.   The council members are appointed by the council when nominated either from within, or from the Nethen society, and deemed to fit all of the qualities above. This process is far from a shoe in. A great deal of research is put into each individual in order to determine if they are worthy. An 80% vote of the standing members, with a 90% quorom, is needed to add someone to the council. This is not a popularity contest, but based on the research conducted, and thorough debate.   The council size has varied greatly over its exceedingly long lifespan, going from 3 members originally to over 1000 at the peak of the population, thousands of years ago. That being said, the current population is not stagnate or in decline, but has found a happy medium with a smaller ruling council.
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