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Monster Hunters Guild

The Monster Hunters Guild (MHG) is a large group of individuals that hunt monsters for their pelts, glands, teeth, or other body parts of interest for use in fashion, armor, smithing, alchemy or as spell components or magic item reagents.   The guild is not formally recognized by any authority other than their own, and any of their safe houses or lodges are open to travelers and unmarked as MHG facilities.   The guild does interact with traders, and will bring their finds directly to consumers when they have acquired them. It is not uncommon to find Monster Hunter Guild members at the colleges of magic, apothecaries, docks, taverns, general stores, and so forth from time to time.   Wealthy patrons will sometimes send the guild out looking for specific items like displacer beast pelts, dragon hide, beholder eyes, rust monster antenas, or any number of other wonderful magic item components.   Killing a dragon will bring the guild substantial money as not only the hide of value, but the meat is eaten, and the bone can be used for weapons and armor. Few poeple know hown to make armor from any part of the dragon, although the method of making compound or magic bows from the horns and bones is known by some. As such these items are of particular interest to some people.   The guild functions as autonomous bands with no central authority among the guild. Percentage of money are given to the group for purchase of groups supplies and expenses.   Particularly good members of the MHG have gone off on their own or as their own groups so they can keep more of the profit for themselves. Normally the MHG has no issue with these individuals as all of them are working for the greater good of the Displaced in their view.
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