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Ho-ran Irontongue

Mountain dwarf Ho-ran Irontongue is a master blacksmith residing in Ironholm. He is a cleric of blacksmithing, fire, metal, mining, and the earth.   Ho-ran grew up working in the mine in Ironholm along with his parents. He grew a great affinity towards metals, mining, and working with his hands. The mines built up his strength and stamina, and Ho-ran began apprenticing at the early age of 25. Once Ho-ran started working with higher quality metals, the master blacksmith Ho-ran apprenticed under noticed that Ho-ran's items were being imbued with magic upon their completion, a feat he was not able to reproduce. The master took Ho-ran to the wizards and sorcerors of the Order of Eight to figure out what was happening. It was then that one of the druids realized the connection between Ho-ran, the earth, and the metal.   From this point forward, Ho-ran was taken under the wing of the Order's cleric and the priest of Ironholm for training as a cleric. Between religious studies and working in the smithy, Ho-ran studied combat with other members of the Order. Within five years, Ho-ran began to adventure with the Order. His was a capable warrior, though not much of a tactician, but his healing skills and ability to work with the world around him became an advantage for his party.   Ho-ran adventured for some time and came across a magical smithing hammer and other tools that he now jealously guards. In addition, his magical sledge hammer was created by him, and many creatures raised from the dead have found themselves pulverized by the mighty blows from the hammer.   For ten years Ho-ran adventured with the Order before he was invited to the inner circle of advisors. Once this happened he was able to return to smithing and worked as an armoror and weaponsmith for several years before taking over the forge and becoming a full member of the Order of Eight.   While Ho-ran has worked as a smith, he has learned to work with the metal, Valinse, and has created a new composite metal with valinse, and the iron found within the Ironholm Mine. In addition to this, he has learned to read Nethen and has acquired several books on Nethen metalurgy, smithing, technology, religion, and other topics. He keeps these books secreted away in a private room in the basement of the Town Hall of Ironholm.   Currently Ho-ran oversees a large forge with three journeymen, five apprentices, and 5 smelters and ore crushers. In addition, he manages shipments of iron to other parts of the known world, trading with passing traders and other clients. As such, Ho-ran is busy, and when not working the forge, he can often be found in study or prayer.   Sometimes Ho-ran gets fiesty and practices fighting in the town square with several apprentices at once. This usually gets a bit rought and Warren Elens is forced to step in and put Ho-ran in his place.

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