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Warren Elens

Warren Elens is a human paladin of knowledge and is the constable of Ironholm.   He is a worn toned man in his mid fourties with a gruff voice and firm demeanor. Standing 6'0" tall and weighing 220 pounds, his strength is imposing and his presence is apparent. His hair is now gray and he has brown eyes. When around town, he usually has a chainmail shirt on, and carries a longsword. During training with the town militia, or when sparring, he wears a breast plate over the chain, and plate greaves. He will also wear thick bracers of Valinse and carry a medium round shield also made of valinse.   He comes from a human family who, at an early age, sent Warren off to study as a paladin from his home at Oasis on the Edge when the Order of Eight was in town and helped stop an infestation of oasis vines. As Warren was constantly a troublemaker and his family was thankful for the Order's help with the vines, they gave Warren to the Order as a thank you. Warren was furious, but he was treated warmly by the Order, and he found an affinity to books once he was given over to a tutor. His demeanor changed, and he became studious to the point of piety.   The cleric trained Warren and took him in like a son. Warren also took a liking to the sword and sparring, and soon he was on the path as a paladin of knowledge. What makes this link even stronger is the pursuits of the Order are based around knowledge, so Warrens qualities made him suitable as an adventurer.   During his two decades as an adventurer, first as an apprentice, and working his way up to a campaign leader, Warren proved himself on the battlefield, and in the lab. He made strides in the analysis of the Nethen and the Nethen Ciclimancy languages. In addition he was on several expeditions returning valuable artifacts, wealth, and books to Ironholm.   Now he maintains order in town, checks in on traders coming through town, and is often found looking at the new items arriving by caravan. He also trains the town militia at least two consecutive days every month, and will spar with anyone who wants to practice. From time to time, he will spar with a new weapon, and is proficient with many. His personal collection of weapons is unmatched and is more like a museum than what one might find in a house.

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