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Valinse, as it was called by the ancient peoples of Karenth, is a rare and precious metal mined in a few spots where large concentrations of magic congregate with iron. The resulting metal, is a dull gold color and requires processing by an experienced smith in order to use the metal. Currently there are no smiths among the descendants of the Displaced who know how to work the metal.   Over the last 400 years that the new peoples have explored Karenth, only a small number of items have been found made of valinse. The Karenthian Batteries and the sword and armor found in the cavern of the first battery are all made of the metal. In addition, a few magic items have been found made of the metal, most of which are in the hands of the Order of Eight.   The smith in Ironholm has a few ingots of the rare metal, and there is a small vein of the metal in the Mine of Ironholm. The Order is actively trying to acquire as much of the metal as possible, including items made of it.   The metal was considered sacred by many of the old cultures of Karenth, and due to its magical properties, highly desirable by any who can have items made of it. Valinse absorbs magic easily during the enchanting process allow even a normal quality item to have a minor enchantment, while a masterwork item can have a substantial enchantment or set of enchantments placed on it. Mixed with a few specific gems and the powers of a masterwork item can reach artifact level, with the right enchantments.   Beyond the items mentioned above, the Order has found a document referring to a holy symbol made of the metal, which apparently was imbued by the hand of a god to rebuke undead. Any undead viewing the object immediately is destroyed or flees. However, this symbol has never been found, and no one knows if it still functions as the god may be long gone.

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