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Stingel is a small community located some distance from Grayton's Lot deep within a forest filled with trees unique to Karenth. They have been requested by the King of Grayton's lot to figure out what many of these trees are good for, and to harvest as many of the lightwood tree as possible. Lightwood producess a soft lumineces when cut and then having water applied to it. The trees themselves glow after a strong rainstorm. This is how they were originally discovered. Now they are being cut and transported to Grayton's Lot as an up and coming trade good.   Stingel is already known throughout the world for the lightwood, but no one knows where it is. The wood is even marketed as Stingel Lightwood.   Currently only the rich and the merchants can afford the lightwood, but as their demand decreases and the supply from Stingel continues, the prices are bound to go down where some of the middle class and poorer merchants can afford them.   In addition to lightwood, there are a variety of oaks which are lighter and stronger than white oak, rot resistant, and very stable. They are excellent for shipbuilding. Considering all of the unique trees and the men researching and cataloging them, Stingel is bound to become an eventual industrial powerhouse.   The forests of Stingel are thick with trees and it would take decades to make a major dent in the area. The botanists studying these trees uses are also researching how to sustain the forests to make this region an ongoing succees for many years to come.


Currently the "town" consists of a bunch of people living in wall tents. The botanists are led by one individual, and the lumberjacks indirectly report to him as well. As for any formal government, there is none, as this town is nothing more than a bunch of people living off the land. When more people arrive, buildings will be constructed for living and cooking and eventually a common longhouse.

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