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Grayton's Lot

Located on the northern coast of the main island, Grayton's Lot is one of the largest and oldest trade ports in the known world. Known for its navy and the constant policing of the nearby islands, Grayton's Lot is a major power in the region. The military is not the only power Grayton's lot radiates. Their political and economic influence is formidable and backed by the military.   The docks are a place of rugged individuals, and even rougher wooden piers. Built in haste to handle the rapid growth in trade, replacements were never built and are maintained as needed to keep the economy moving.   The city is home to one of the few schools of magic in the world, Grayton's Tower. Its prominent size and location makes it visible from anywhere in the city, and can be seen from miles away.


70% human
10% elven
10% halfling
5% dwarven
2% half-elf
1% fey
1% centaur
1% half-orc and gnome


Grayton's lot is a dynastical monarchy. Since the founding of the town at Grayton's Lot, the Grayton family has ruled the city.   The monarchy is passed down through the oldest child, if competent. In the event the child does not possess the desired traits of leadership it is passed onto the next oldest child and so on. In the event a child is found to be incompetent or undesirable, they are married off to a distant monarch or family, in permanent exile, even under penalty of death under some circumstances.   As the need to maintain a good line exists, the monarchs tend to have a large family. Children are raised with an excellent education of the classics, politics, economics, history, warfare, music, and court mannerisms. The children are expected to work in many parts of the city so they can understand its underpinnings. Many Graytons are excellent marksmen with their chosen weapons, others are skilled fencers, and King Tanathan had his oldest child and daughter Lady Olianna Grayton trained with the quarterstaff upon her request. She is nothing short of a master with the weapon and took out 3 robbers during an attempted robbery of her carriage. Rarely does she go anywhere without her "very tall walking stick".   The city is capitalistic and the monarchy allows this to thrive as taxing trade and commerce is profitable and necessary.


The city has the most formidable navy in the known world. It maintains 40 patrol and warships, employing over 8000 people. In addition to this, the city guard has 500 active members, and the ability to call up 2500 more in the event of an emergency.   The city is also activily working on designing functional cannons for the defence of the harbor and the city walls. While current prototypes work, they are inaccurate, and not reliable. Sometimes they even explode once lit. The Mages Guild is also working on a magical solution that can be used by the standard infantry person.

Industry & Trade

The city thrives on trade via the sea lanes, but also from the highway that runs into town. Caravans from all over the continent find Grayton's Lot to be a destination. Goods are traded under the watchful eye of the Merchant Brigade, the taxation and legal arm of the city's commerce organization.


The city grew organically from the sea towards the farm. No plans were made, and like many cities is a miriad or winding twisting streets and alleys. Not until the city began to encroach on the farm did the family put order into the design of the city. As such, the lands of the main farm are majestic, spacious and well thought out.   The city recently completed a sewer throughout. As this happened, some residences were raized, streets torn up and repaired, and a number of the homeless were put to work for the wage of 5 copper a day plus a meal. Two years of work for many of the poor granted them new financial security, as the Graytons personally paid out an additional silver per month of work to all the workers who were there at the end. A worker who lasted the entire two years would walk away with more than an extra 2 gold pieces.   The piers in the city are, for the most part, in terrible shape. They were hastily constructed as the city grew, and never repaired. Most of the structures are insufficient to handle the major loads of cargo that flow to through warehouses. More than one pier has collapsed in the last few years while loaded with cargo and workers. This has been a thorn in the side of the city for some time, and the Grayton's plan on replacing the entire system as the next major infrastructure project.

Guilds and Factions

The city of Grayton's Lot is home to a number of guilds. First off, there is the Grayton's Lot Thieves Guild, dedicated to skimming some of the wealth off the local populace to line the pockets of its members. The Thieves Guild has some pull regarding what happens around town regarding commerce and heavy pockets.   Secondly, there is the Mages College of Grayton's Lot. Grayton's Tower is home to several powerful wizards, the journeyman wizards, and apprentices. The guild works secretly for the Order of Eight, and swears fealty to them. As such the Order is rarely lacking in wizards willing to adventure for them. A member of the Order (who?) is also a member of the leadership of the Mages College.   In addition to these guilds, there are a number of professional organizations working within the city. The Masons Guild does stonework throughout the city. The Seafaring Guild trains sailers, officers, and builds ships.


Grayton's Lot was originally the homestead of the large Grayton family. The large harvests led to trade and eventually more families moving into the area. The lands owned by the Graytons eventually became a city, thus the name Grayton's Lot.
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