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Falltime is a celebration common throughout Karenth and Els'tar. It is a major harvest festival that occurs at the end of the growing season once all the crops are in. With the advancement of weather forecasting through the use of magic, the time of first frost is easily determined. This has led to crops coming in from the fields without being destroyed early, and allowing farmers to plan for the future.   Falltime is put on by the royal family of Grayton's Lot. They pay for the festival out of their pockets and each person in the city is given about 1.5 bushels of food as part of the celebration. This usually consists of crops from the late fall harvest such as squash, taftra, salad greens, tomatoes, corn summer squash, beans, and late season melons. People come with their bags and crates to gather their food, and the food for their kids. The royal family take part in the gifting of food. They dress in their royal "work clothes" and help to fill the containers with produce like everyone else does, talking with the locals, and showing everyone that they are a part of the community.   With such generosity from the royal family, moral for the winter is always high. And the king does not tax back what he gave. This is a true gift. During some years, the king has even been known to give away livestock like chickens or goats. But this is rear.   As people come to get their food, they are added or checked against the census. They are also marked as to where they are from as people from other towns come for the food too. Even crews from boats are given the food making the start of their journeys very pleasant.   The party itself lasts for 3 days. There is music and dancing, celebrating, drinking, and plenty of games and entertainment. This event is looked forward to by all.
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