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Birthdays for the Descendants of the Displaced

Celebrations are common in Karenth for the general populace. They tend not to be big expensive affairs, just simple gatherings with food and drink. The birthday of an individual is just such an afair.   Birthdays can be celebrated in one of two ways within a community. Either they are done close to an individuals birthday, and there is a gathing for a meal and drink, or several people will be celebrated at the same time with more of the community present. In such a case, there is usually quite a bit more food and drink, music, merriment, and generally a good time.   Gifts are not given at these celebrations, or for birthdays in general. They are not a celebration of reciprocity beyond the preperation of food, some games, and perhaps some local music.   It varies from family to family, community to community, and year to year as to who gets invited. Whenever possible, the community as a whole is invited, but that is more the the celebration of multiple individuals as opposed to the single person.   Within the upper class of Karenth, birthdays are also big affairs, and resemble a more expensive version of the common affairs. It is usually held with a big meal for the guests, music, dancing, and perhaps some poetry or storytelling, and in some cases, a hunt might be done to gather the food for dinner.


After the Displaced arrived in Karenth, much more was done to make sure the population could eat through the winter, and getting a new civilization built up. With Grayton's Lot coming into being as the first major village, then town, then city, more and more luxeries were available, but that took hundreds of years. People made do with what they had, and sharing meals was a great gift to all present.

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