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Aelinistia Syvanesta

Aelinistia Syvanest (Aeli) is one of the youngest members of the Order of Eight. A prodigy in the natural use of magic from an early age, Aeli moved up the ranks of the Order with astonishing speed. She is a master adventurer, able to lead parties during exploration, and capable of vanquashing some of the most challenging foes.
  Born to elven parents, both of whom live in the forests west of Ironholm, Aeli grew up with several siblings. She is the fourth of seven children, four brothers and two sisters.
  Aeli has yellow blond hair and is fairly normal in terms of elvish beauty. Standing about 5'6" and a mere 115 pounds, Aeli can command the presence of a room, or blend in the crown at will. Some members of the Order think she has some form of magical ability making this more possible, but Aeli has never directly shown if this is the case or not.
  Aeli is a master sorceress casting her first spells by the age of five. By the time she was ten, she was commonly accompanying members of the Order as a full apprentice, leading her first party at the age of 15, and becoming a full member of the inner circle of the Order at 23.
  Aeli is now in her 27, and rarely appears at Order business as she is very rarely in Ironholm. As a young member of the Order, she was indoctrinated as a full member in a very quiet and secretive ceremony. Showing her propensity to mingle in any circle society with ease, the Order wanted to keep her membership quiet so she could run spy missions and recruit mercenaries without alerting others as to her membership.
  But Aeli's real interest is exploring and researching whatever she finds. She often finds excuses to leave missions to go explore, often annoying or aggitating other members of the inner circle as she appears to be leaving her post. Her missions are always successful though, and the Order cannot complain with the results, just the methods. As such, she if often given a great deal of leniency when out of Ironholm.
  Unbeknownst to the Order, Aeli discovered an old mages library, tower, and research structure when exploring the mountains south of Freedom's Gate alone several months ago. She has explored much of the structure and has made it a private base of operations. Utilizing some old technologies, traps have been setup throughout the complex and its perimeter to deter disruption of anyone interested in exploring the tower. She is also working on a method to obscure the entire building via illusion.

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