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The Romantics are a group of people that are very interested in the lands from which the Displaced came from, the world of Els'tar. Their goal is to return to the fabled lands and return to life in the old world. However, the Dragon Lords supposedly rule Els'tar, so the Romantics belive in the need to retake the old homelands from the interlopers that pushed them through Freedom's Gate.   Some members of the Romantics are so enthralled with their perception of life in Els'tar as being grand and perfect, when in reality, life in Els'tar is similar to life in Karenth. Trade is much more controlled on the other side of the gate, and there is much more of it than Karenth, otherwise life is almost the same.   Many of them believe that Els'tar has arisen to new heights with the return of magic and it now being controlled as it once was. They think that it is a golden land, not a land of harsh expanses yet to be tamed, as Karenth is today.   But the people on the Karenth side of the gate, with the exception of the Order of Eight, have no way of getting through the gate, nor do they have any reason to believe the gate can be reopened.   Some of the Romantics are on the edge of conspiracy. The notion that the gate is controlled by some foreign, or possibly domestic power, and some influence does not want them to return to Els'tar permiates their belief systems. Frankly they are right. The Order of Eight does control the gate and won't open it except under very controlled circumstances, and never in the watchful presence of an outsider.

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