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The Gril are a bipedal hominid whose path diverted more towards the primate physically, and more toward homo sapiens mentally. Growing to about five and half feet, the gril are very hairy, don't wear many clothes, have a long 4 foot prehensile tail which is extremely strong, and have opposable thumbs with 4 fingers.   The conditions in the mountains can be harsh, and the gril can handle temperatures down to -20 degrees farenheit.   They live in mountains and tree covered areas in the northern half of the Nevisent.   Living fairly simple lives in structures built into the sides of mountains or among the tree tops, the gril are also good miners, and have developed technologies for refining metals and other materials from the earth.   Only recently have they made contact with the Displaced, and have begun simple trading of small amounts of raw materials and foods for finished products.   They are still worried about the strange peoples with whom they trade, and keep their cities and peoples hidden. They will meet with the ships on coast and trade directly, thus keeping the rest of the society hidden.   The gril are also exceptionally talented with magic, with everyone of age being able to cast at least a spell or two. The shamans and chieftans are often versed in many spells of varying power. Not all of the spells are combative. Many people have healing, nature based, or generally utilitarian spells like shape stone.   The gril are not natural creatures which evolved naturally. They are the offshoot of an experiment conducted by a group of Eusarans on primates of the region. However, the gril have evolved quickly over the last few thousand years since the Eusarans left. As such, they have developed many of the mining and lifestyle norms present today.

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