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Arvongil's Circlet

Arvongil's Circlet is a large gold disk, about .3 meters (1 foot) in diameter The outer edge is 5 cm (2 inches) wide leaving an 8 inch hole in the center. The ring is about 1-1.5 cm (.5 inches) thick and the entire ring is a shiny gold color. All along both faces of the ring are etched strange words, symbols and pictures. It is assumed that the etchings grant the item its magical powers.


Arvongil's Circlet is said to be a mysterious portal to another world where Arvongil would store all of his knowledge. Similar to a back of holding, the Circlet can open a portal to an astral pocket where items can be stored. While bags of holding are known, and there are several in Karenth, Arvongil's Circlet held the vast knowledge of the sage and wizard Arvongil.

Historical Basis

References to Arvongil's Circlet were found by the Order of Eight while exploring the castle near Ironholm. Documents show what the item looks like, and how it was used by the sage. He would store all of his scrolls, potions, staffs, wands, and so forth in the ring so they could be quickly retrieved.   Arvongil hated books as it was time consuming to find what he wanted, so he transcribed all of his knowledge onto scrolls with individual topics on each of them. That way, when he wanted to find a particular scroll, he just thought about the topic, and pull the desired scroll from the ring. It is a very convenient way to store lots of information.   The ring is capable of storing a metric ton (2200 pounds) of goods, far more than most bags.


Somehow the information got out to the general public, probably from a loose lipped apprentice, and the legend began to spread.   Strangley the general populace thinks of the ring as a large doorway you can walk through into a library, almost as if this information was planted to prevent people from looking for the item, or was it to get people to look for the item?   The Order of Eight is very aware of the items existance, and frequently sends out missions looking for it. To this day, no one has found it.

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